How do I pick the right therapist?

To start, type your zip code into the search area above, and hit return. We'll direct you to a selection of therapists within 25 miles, with corresponding video interviews. Watch their videos, save your favorites, and call or email the ones you like. It's all free!

You'll be able to easily refine your search if there are too many options.

Click a therapist's photo to watch their video. Not your vibe? Click the next one. When you find a therapist you like, click their name to see corresponding contact info, credentials, and much more info.

While psychology is a science, finding the right therapist is not. Good qualifications are important, but your feeling about a therapist and how well you might get along is key. Therapick provides you with candid interviews to help you get a sense of a therapist's personality and practice before making the call.