About Therapick

If you've considered finding a therapist, you've probably felt some trepidation over the process. How can I get a sense of a therapist through an insurance list or even a photo? It was our desire to ease this task that brought Therapick to life.

Founder and CEO David Brundige, an award-winning filmmaker turned web entrepreneur, created Therapick after witnessing a loved one visit five different therapists over the course of two years before quitting. It made sense to build a website that would allow her and other potential clients to get a sense of a therapist before spending the money and time to go in for that first visit.

As with any start-up, David has called on friends and colleagues to help build the tool that you are using now. Credits go to David Gershuni (alpha design), Michael Fiore (alpha programming), Boaz Hachlili (beta programming), Adam Duro (current programming), Jeremy Weissman (founding partner), Micah Baskir (founding partner, video production), Christopher Wong (lead editing), Mike Smith (editing, video production), Steven Smith (customer service), Emily Brundige (customer service), Lillian Parker (customer service), Rory Delaney (editing), Darren Herczeg (editing), Thomas Leonard Cathey (design), Moses Kagan (advisory), and many more.